Empty Comment on facebook

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Hello friends ,
                     We are back and now we are with another good post. And that post is how to post empty comments on Facebook.
Before reading this simple trick please note the following:-
This trick is only for the PC users.
So now it is very simple to add an empty comment.
 Just as usual whenever you want to add such a comment then go to the area where you want to add.
And then just make a left click. And then press Alt key and 0173. Please keep pressing the ALT key when you press 0173 and then leave the  keys and press Enter and you will see an empty comment.
You can also try this in posts and messages. So now impress  your friends by posting an empty comment on their status. And for any problems or queries just leave a comment and yeah not an empty one!!! Thank you for reading the trick. Suggestion are welcomed at bloggershaun25@gmail.com