Unsubscribe to All the Unwanted Email Newsletters in One Click

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Are you Subscribed to Lots of email newsletters in your email?
Daily receiving many unwanted email?
Are you overloaded with lots of emails?

Sometimes we subscribe to many email newsletters for getting latest news and updates about news and many other activities. But  we receive many unwanted emails frequently and as a result more notifications and we are bored of this things.
We can unsubscribe to those newsletter but we need to do it manually and one by one which is time consuming and boring process. Email Inbox is almost filled up with this all unwanted emails so we need step ahead and take some actions regarding this problem.

So today in this tutorial we are going to share a good and easy trick by which you can unsubscribe to all the unwanted newsletters in one click.

The process is too much easy. You just need to read the given steps carefully and apply it. 

Unsubscribe to All the Unwanted Email Newsletters in One Click

For doing so, we are going to use a website Unroll.Me
So follow the given steps carefully.

Simple Steps:

1. Visit Unroll.Me

2. Click On Get Started Button.

3. Enter your Email address in the pop up window and Click the check box 'I agree to the terms and the privacy policy'. Then Click on CONTINUE button.

4. Now it will redirect you to Signin to your given Gmail account. So do so, after signin just click on Accept button in the next page which will allow the access to Unroll.Me. 

5. Now Unroll.Me will scan your inbox for all the email newsletters you subscibeb to. Within few minutes it will show you the number of total subscriptions. Now just click on CONTINUE TO THE NEXT STEP button.

6. On the next page you see the list of all the subscription to your email. You see two options after every newsletter names. Those options are Add to rollup and Unsubscribe. Click on Add to rollup option if you wish to continue receiving emails from the respective newsletter or Click on Unsubscribe option if you wish to unsubscribe the respective newsletter.  

7. Done? Now click on Finish button.

8. Hurrah! All done! Your email inbox is now cleaned!

9. Now if you want a fix time to receive your subscribed newsletters then just scroll down and click on your desired time from given three options which are Morning, Afternoon and Evening and then click on FINISH button.

On next page you get all stats.
You cleaned your inbox and you are now free from all the unwanted emails. 
You can apply this trick for every email you own. 

I must say you enjoyed it. 
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If you face any problem then must comment below or if you have any suggestions then feel free to contact us!