Hack Facebook Account!

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Welcome back to Tricky Time! After a long time we are back with the amazing computer tricks but this is Super Trick Ever. I know you all are very excited to hack someone's facebook account and trying a way out. So here you go.

Please note that this trick is only for Educational purposes. We are not at all responsible for our deeds and misuses. 

I hope that you all are aware about saving your account passwords in Internet browsers. Whenever you login to any site, the browser asks you to save password and you save it or not that's upon you.

While logging into your Facebook account you might have come across the following:-

Yes now you must have a close insight about what i wanted to mean. But often when one is in hurry one often clicks on "Save password" and there you go.
It is most likely to happen if:
1) It is your personal computer and you are sure enough that nobody has atleast access to it
2) You are in a hurry and so you fall in.
3)If You don't want to type your password again and again
4)you are oblivion and you don't want to take the risk
So you see there  are innumerous reasons in which you click the save password button.
Undoubtedly it is no bad that you save passwords. But if you yourself forget it then this may also help you. Want to know how? Simple decode it.
But if your Computer has access to anyone other then he can easily decode your saved passwords. So be careful So how do you do it then? Simple tricks answer your question and i am very sure that you"ll equally be excited to know! So here we go.Let's divide the mini process in small steps.

1. Select the black dots(How? That's silly by your mouse drag there)

2. Now hit the right click from your mouse and you see few options and one of them is "Inspect Element"
3. Select the "Inspect Element". Now a new mini window at right side or button will appear with full codes.

4. See the below Image. In the codes You will find one line: 
<input type="password" class="inputtext" name="pass" id="pass" tabindex="2">
 Select that line and right click on it. You see the list of options and just select 'Edit as HTML' option.

5. Now just replace type="password" with type="text" and then just close the mini window. Now look at the Password Bar!!! See the wonder. You decoded it. Now your password is visible like a text.

So now you know how one can easily decode any saved password. So you also learnt it today. So be careful and stop saving passwords in any browsers.

Please note that this trick is working for every website and not only for facebook.

Means if you want to hack any Gmail account, Yahoo, etc then you can do it by following the same steps.

I hoped you found this tutorial very helpful. Thank you for reading and do share this tutorial with your friends. 

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